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19, Ubi Road 4, Singapore 408623
Autolution Industrial Pte Ltd
(A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Tan Chong Group Of Companies)

Our Mission

TCIL group's mission is to embody and harmonize the best in Western concepts with time-tested values of Eastern traditions. It shall be honest, reliable and responsible in all its undertakings.

Company Background

Business expanded in 1998 where the company rented medium size workshop at Kaki Bukit to run the Nissan Authorized Dealer Workshop, Rental Car & lubricant business. The company acquired new piece of land on 30 years lease at 19, UBI Road 4 to build the Nissan Flat ship 3S Centre. Business commenced in 2003 & the complex ideally located at UBI Motor Belt has been expanding it motor related business till to date.

Lubricants business has also been doing exceptional well over these years, Blending & supplying 'Shogun' & 'Flasflo' brand of lubricant to all Tan Chong Service Outlets & expanding sales to local market & regional countries in limited scale.

Total Sales Turnover exceed $16M annually and the company has been profitable throughout the years in operation.

Business potential & growth for coming years includes expanding into servicing & repairing other makes of vehicles, pre-owned car business & expansion of lubricants sales into new market.

Our core business is viable & should help the company establish a foothold in local Automotive Repair Market. The competitive Lubricant Market remain a challenge for Autolution Industrial Pte Ltd further expand and grow the business.